Friday, January 12

Savory mix

+ Christine has been asking me to look into this for some time. I searched yesterday and couldn't find anything definitive, so I turned it over to the smart people over at the old Mother Ship. Here was my question:

Will raising my computer up off the floor really help?
January 11, 2007 10:03 AM

Some tech guy once told my wife that leaving your computer tower on the floor will destroy it. His solution was to raise the tower up an inch or two off the floor. That's the part I doubt. I know computers suck in a lot of dust. Does raising them up that little bit really help much?

Short answer: not really. 38 comments so far. Some really interesting, a couple funny ones. Almost enough to tempt me back into MeFi...

Except, for me, at least, it's a black hole-like almost infinite time-suck ;-)

+ In other 'I am very famous' news, after posting to yesterday, I checked my site meter to see if many people came over, not least of all because of my INSANELY low user number (There are now 47k+ users on MeFi and I am #252 :-).

Anywho, I saw that someone came over from the WaPo. I'm like 'What in the world?' Turns out they have a trackback-like function through Technorati that picked up my link to this article by Sharon.

That's right. Sean Meade on the Washington Post. I'll try not to let it go to my head ;-)

+ Instrumental Analysis has a really nice post about why Smashing Pumpkins in his favorite band. They are not my favorite band, but I really like them. For one thing, I think Billy Corgan is a great songwriter. (I found this via The Hype Machine, btw.)

+ Also from tHM, some names I've liked recently:
  • The Svengalis
  • Springmaid Fabrics (since I've been to the company's place at Myrtle Beach and through their hometown of Ft Mill, SC.
That's all for now. Check ya' later ;-)
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