Monday, January 8

Civ IV and Gotham

+ I can quit anytime...

Well, not really. But I'm doing much better at managing my Civilization addiction, even since getting Civ IV from my mom and dad (!) for Christmas. (I think they got an assist from my dear sister ;-)

(BTW, have you noticed the 'iv' repeat in 'Civ IV'? Pretty cool, huh? Otherwise, I don't usually use Roman numerals.)

Anyway, I still think Civilization Anonymous is pretty funny.

It was bed time last night, and I really was wrapping it up (honest!), and I said 'One more turn' to Christine, which makes me think of CA's tagline: 'No more turns.' So true :-)

More info: I even took Civ IV *off* my wishlist because I wasn't sure it was a good idea to get it.

Quick review: I like Civ IV a lot. I like the new mechanics, many of them actually simpler.

I don't like the ginormity of the program. It almost crashes my laptop every time I play it. Now you'll remember, I just got this laptop in August. I didn't get a *gaming* laptop, but, sheesh, you expect it to cope better than that. I don't need all of the 3D graphics and flyovers and flying around and movies and sound. They're nice, but I'd rather have the choice to make it a little easier on the system. But I still like it.

55 - A Tourist Map of Gotham (via kottke)

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