Monday, January 15

More on the Patriots

Since Tom's going on Hugh Hewitt's show nine consecutive weeks in row (that's the plan, anyhow), I'm reading Hugh's weblog. Hugh co-weblogger, Dean Barnett (no relation), is a Patriots fan and has a triumphant post about them this morning.

I pretty much agree with everything he said. The Chargers were more physically talented - faster and stronger. And though LaDanian had 90+ rushing yards in the first half, they didn't score enough and they didn't put it away. And the Patriots hung on and beat 'em.

Which brings up the interesting matchup this week. I would say the Colts are not as talented as the Chargers, but will play with more poise than the Chargers did, like they did in outlasting the Ravens. It's a pretty even matchup. The Colts defense has had a couple of good games. Are people figuring out Peyton Manning? He has had a string of not-great games.

I'd say it's about even odds that the game will be decided by the Vinatieri deal, a made Colts kick or a missed Pats kick. But we'll see.

The AFC Champion should definitely be the favorite to win the Super Bowl. The Saints have a talented offense. The Bears-Seahawks game was a battle of who was going to plya least bad. I'll pull for the Saints this week, like I did Saturday, not least of all because I like Drew Brees. We'll see.

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