Saturday, January 6

Eventful day

Mostly a lot of work on Tom's weblog, but here are a few links I saved for you - for you, dear reader! ;-)

+ We went to the Columbia Museum of Art for the first time today. We especially wanted to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit. It was pretty coochie (as we say in this house) - mostly drawings and furniture and textiles. But that was probably good for the twins. And, since saturdays are free, we didn't have to feel like we needed to stay a long time and 'get our money's worth' or anything like that.

+ Went back and watched the 300 trailers. I'm stoked about this movie. And my dear wife secured the hardcover graphic novel for me for Christmas!

+ More names I like from Hype Machine
  • El Perro del Mar
  • The Svengalis
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