Thursday, August 7

Viking coffee battle

+ I really like Galrahn's post The Greatest Battleship In History. Short version (he's said this before) current Arleigh Burke-class destroyers have more firepower than any warship in history. The rest of the world can't compare. But we keep building more and proposing bigger ones. I close with his final comment:
The surface fleet is too big (ship sizes) and too small (numbers).
+ Another NFL season begins, another year of hope for the Vikes. I even wore my tshirt today. SI has a postcard from Vikings training camp where the biggest question, no surprise, is how will Tavaris Jackson do this year?

Otherwise, the defense and offense are both upgraded and pretty highly regarded. We'll see...

+ Pretty interesting post about Starbucks' attempts to get their oomph back. (via)


Anonymous said...

T-Jack strained his MCL on a run against the Ravens and is doubtful for the Steelers game this week. Here's hoping he's 100% by the season opener in GB.


Sean Meade said...

i'll go you one better: here's hoping he develops into a decent quarterback!