Saturday, January 21

Adaptation of Psalm 150

As you might know, I practice observing a psalm of the day ( Recently, that psalm was 150, which is great, but a little outdated. So I decided to adapt it with more modern instruments and people I know.

Psalm 150

1 Praise the Lord!

Praise God in his sanctuary;

    praise him in his mighty heavens!

2 Praise him for his mighty deeds;

    praise him according to his excellent greatness!

3 Don praises Him with the trombone;

    Lots of us praise Him with the guitar!

4 Elizabeth praises Him with dance;

    Jennifer and Martha praise Him with the flute!

5 Stephanie praises Him with sounding cymbals;

    She praises Him with loud clashing cymbals!

6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

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Sunday, January 15

Funeral Message 2023


This is a message intended to be read at my funeral: Funeral Message 2023.

If you're interested for some reason, I wrote a version of this around 2001: First Funeral Address

Tuesday, January 10

First Funeral Address

I first wrote this around 2001. I recently wrote an updated version, but I'm putting this one here for the record.

First Funeral Address