Thursday, March 27

This is only an(athema) test

+ Did you know anathema literally means 'something set apart', but the connotation came to be idols (v. Judaism or Christianity), so it took on the meaning of 'accursed'?

+ Ok, I don't get a ton of hits or comments around here, anyway, an that's totally my own fault for writing so occasionally.

That to say, I bet if I put up this Google Chat badge for you to respond directly to me when you do visit the page, I'd get even fewer comments.

What do you think? Comment OR chat! ;-)

(On preview: Oh, wait. I thought it gave you a chat BOX. Looks like it's just a link for Google Talk (chat) that you already have to be registered for. Would some of you non-Google chatters click on it for me and see what happens? This has become a test.)

Tuesday, March 25

Some links I've been saving up

(If be 'saving up' you read 'being a slacker and not posting' ;-)

+ The reason I've been slacking online so much. GSR and Jim both asked me where I've been and my slack has not been all (or even mostly) due to my gramma's death.

Two things that occurred to me Saturday morning (I don't know why):

+ It'd be nice to have a comprehensive list of irregular English plurals, especially those coming from Latin and Greek. A Google search isn't too bad. And this Wikipedia entry is a good place to start. Note the 'snob plurals'!

+ You know those political tests that put you on at least a two-dimensional grid (here's one)? It'd be nice to have a graph like that for think tanks. Nothing jumps out at me, but here's one list that kind of gives them some context.

If you knew them well enough you could place them or take the quiz for them and place them. But knowing that much about think tanks might also make you kind of a loser ;-)

+ NPR had REM on yesterday promoting their new album and has their recent concert at SXSW available to stream. The interview stuff was pretty fun to listen to. A couple of the songs on the new album are ok (I also listened to them on the Facebook app, iLike). Kudos to REM for making them available. But Michael's way too preachy in these lyrics v. Evangelicals and conservatives in general for my taste (and I'm prone to criticize both of those groups myself!) Some of the older material they played in the concert was ok, but just ok.

+ One literal rendering of the etymology of remunerate could be 're-gift' ;-)

Saturday, March 22

In memory of Gertrude Meade

My gramma died March 10th.

Two forms of the same obituary:

Gertrude Meade, 93
Gertrude M. Meade
Gertrude M. “Gertie” Meade, 93, of Hills, Iowa died Monday, March 10, 2008, at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City.

Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, March 12, 2008, at Grace Fellowship Church in Iowa City. Private burial services will be held at St. Peters Cemetery in Cosgrove. Visitation will be from 4 to 7pm Tuesday at Gay & Ciha Funeral and Cremation Service in Iowa City. Memorial donations can be made in Gertrude’s memory to Hills Atrium Village or Grace Fellowship Church.

Gertrude Mary Meade was born September 11, 1914, in St. Lawrence, South Dakota, the daughter of Oliver B. and Kathryn L. (McCabe) Humphrey. She attended school in St. Lawrence through the seventh grade, then moved to this area where she graduated from St. Mary’s High School in Iowa City. For many years she was a cook for a sorority and fraternity at the University of Iowa. She was a cook for a church youth camp and was a member of Grace Fellowship Church in Iowa City. She enjoyed dancing, traveling throughout the world, jigsaw puzzles, fellowship, board and card games along with quilting, cooking and baking many items including wedding cakes.

Her family includes her children, David Lee Meade (Carol) of Oldsmar, Florida, Patrick Burton Meade (Nancy) of Milo, Iowa, James Norbert Meade (Hanne) of Tiffin, Iowa, Paul Francis Meade (Susan) of Riverside, Iowa, Virginia Mary Conley (Lyman) of Indianola, Iowa, Kathleen Ann Jespersen (James) of Rock Valley, Iowa, Gayle Jean Robertson (Bill) of Moores Hill, Indiana, and Denise Irene Yoder (Michael) of Iowa City, Iowa; twenty-eight grandchildren; thirty-one great-grandchildren; three great-great grandchildren; and sister, Ruth Wines (Leonard) of Ruby Valley, Nevada.

She was preceded in death by her daughter, Carolyn Lucille Meade; an infant son; seven brothers and two sisters.
Some pictures of Gramma and from the funeral

She had a stroke the previous week and lived, defining medical fact, with a DNR and no food or water for about 7 days! Cory and his wife and I left Davidson, NC the Saturday before she died and drove straight to the hospital. I had a chance to hold her hand, talk to her a little and read the Bible. She appeared to try to respond to me. And we sang 'Amazing Grace' in her hospice room (ostensibly as practice for the grandchildren, who sang it at her funeral).

(My dad got busted earlier in the day for having Jack and wine in the room. Great idea, Dad. But you shouldn't have pulled it out when the nurse was in the room! :-)

Note all of the cooking in Gramma's obituary. She was not, however, regarded as a good cook within the family ;-)

Another funny Gramma story: yes, her birthday was 9/11. She said: 'Why'd they have to go and do that on my birthday?!' ;-)

Gramma's death was not a very sad occurrence for me. She lived a long, full life.

It was good to be with my family during this time. It was especially good to see my cousins after many years. It's doubtful that so many of us will ever be together in the same place again. That does make me a little sad.

Gramma and I interacted a lot when I was in middle school and attended her church camps. When I went to college, we tried to have lunch when I was in town. We often went to Carlos O'Kelly's :-)

The number one reason I am not sad this Easter weekend: Gramma and I believe in the same God. Though our theology diverged more and more over the years (beginning for me in seventh grade!), I fully expect to see her at the Resurrection, whole and happier than she ever was in life. Further, we will be closer than ever, infinitely closer, with perfect love between us.

I'm looking forward to that day far more than I miss her!