Monday, November 29

Barca v. Real Madrid Thoughts

Video highlights

Five-star Barcelona thrash Real Madrid

David Villa strikes twice as slick Barcelona thrash Real Madrid

+ Ronaldo continues to supply evidence that he is a punk.

+ How did so many defenders from the World Cup winners, including the keeper, get totally eviscerated by Barca?

+ David Villa looks like a little nerd. Dang, does he have a nose for the ball. Dude can flat out score (two goals, one assist in this game).

Sunday, November 21

Can We Help Cyber-dissidents?

After reading Digital Weapons Help Dissidents Punch Holes in China's Great Firewall, I can't help thinking that there must be something interested parties can do to help. My thoughts begin along the lines of BOINC or the World Community Grid -- distributed computing like SETI@Home and other similar projects.

The article mentions The Global Internet Freedom Consortium, which promotes several actively-developed software solutions.

I suppose a person could host a run a Tor relay, but that doesn't really answer the mail.

I was thinking about this back during the Iranian protests, too...

What do you think?

Saturday, November 6

Download (and Backup) Your Facebook Content

Got a lot of content on Facebook that you don't have anywhere else? Want a reliable backup?

I first tried SocialSafe, and even paid $3 for an early version, which so far has not worked for me. Trying their latest version right now, which seems to be choking on the size of my Fb footprint.

Then I found out that Fb has provided this functionality for a month now. How did I miss it?! It doesn't promise as much as SocialSafe, but it does deliver. Looks to me like the format you get it in is basic html.

The short, self-explanatory version is: Account > Account Settings > Download Your Information.


Lifehacker: How to Download Your Information from Facebook
Facebook: Download Your Information

Obama on 'The Daily Show'

Just a few thoughts I had, again, mostly random, and am just getting posted.

Watch the video here.

no. not the two toughest years since the Great Depression. (economically, yes)

for me to take you seriously, you have to offer an honest critique of yourself and your work

Obama wants it both ways (a little): we will bring massive change (but it will take some time and there are big challenges so be patient with us). problems in DC are systemic. you can't make sweeping changes with the system close to what it is. you just get the same results eventually (Contract with America eventually sold out, etc)

however, i tend to agree that the economy has been stabilized for a comparatively small price (if his numbers are right. i'm sure every Libertarian has a different story)

such a partisan audience, it's crazy

'is government nimble enough to handle these 21st century crises?' now that is a GREAT question.

Filibuster reform is surely needed.

'Troy' Thoughts

Finally got around to watching Troy after Cory's recommendation and reading the 'Iliad'. A few mostly disconnected thoughts while watching:

1:17--no. Hektor would never have done such an ignoble thing [kill Menelaos while he was fighting Paris].

thought i'd like Sean Been as Odysseus. no. once thought i'd prefer him to Viggo Mortensen for Aragorn. no, too.

you feel bad for Hektor. he wants to live. he wants to see his son grow.

'Sing, O Muse, the anger of Achilleus'

'So they buried Hektor, tamer of horses.'

love the characterization of Achilleus. spot on. killing machine. his battle scenes would have been a little cooler in 300 style.

but Brad Pitt doesn't quite have the acting chops, especially to pull off the scene with Priam.

not bad. hits the right emotional notes.

of course, Achilleus would have never gone for such a gambit [the Trojan Horse] (though i see the need to telescope the action).

Curse Orlando Bloom for his terrible archery form in four movies! ;-)

Overall, good movie. Recommended. Would actually make a decent intro if you were going to read the 'Iliad'.