Wednesday, July 30

'interact' correspondent Kathy Linfoot sends in the Which icon are you? quiz. She got Princess Di and I got Tony Soprano. How about you?

Saturday, July 19

Cool: a Star Wars fighter for every other letter in the alphabet. Get your geek on (especially Kathy and Jaq) (via armoured-ant on MeFi).

Matthew collects the best lines from the worst reviews of 'LXG' all in one place. I wish this were a better movie. The concept is cool. I sat in Barnes and Noble the other day and read the first graphic novel. It was good it that usual Alan Moore sort of way, but also left me a little cold in the same way. While I respect his works, I don't usually love them (except for 'V for Vendetta').

Wednesday, July 16

I just heard 'Bring me to life' by Evanescence on the radio and I really liked it. I'd forgotten it was from the 'Daredevil' soundtrack. Is that why I liked it?

Tuesday, July 15

Hey, here's something cool: I got chosen for the TypePad beta. Don't worry. I haven't been neglecting this log for that one. But I am starting to fool with it a little. I've had the idea of doing a more specifically spiritual journal for awhile, so I'm fiddling with that over there: News from the front. But don't expect too much, ok?
If Matt's doing whole websites with Movable Type I presume that means that very soon we'll all be able to do it, with MT or something else, and we won't have to FTP or hand-code HTML anymore. Great day in the morning. Then I might actually post more non-weblog stuff to the web (operative term='might').

Monday, July 14

Yes, I'm posting, but don't get all excited. I don't think this is going to be regular, yet.

You must see the Ergonomic Keyboard for Pirates.

That is all.