Saturday, December 12

I got yer Christmas music right here

My favorite Xmas collection 4 years running is Sufjan Stevens' 5 disc set. Here are the last 3 years' posts:

+ That was the best Christmas album ever!
+ That was the best Christmas album ever! (again)
+ That was the best Xmas album ever! [now with songs!]

If you're at all like me, you will certainly want to buy these discs. To find out, you can stream the whole thing here: Click on 'Musical Downloads'.

My second favorite Xmas album is 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'. I realized a couple of days ago that I hadn't listened to it yet this season, so I fixed it.

I like some of the stuff on the Aimee Mann, Sarah Maclachlan and Barenaked Ladies Xmas albums...

Another great source for Xmas music (from hipsters):

Then I needed to listen to the early Messiah stuff (OT texts). Did that Thursday night.

You might enjoy the Wartburg Choir's Xmas album: Stille Nacht.

Now I'm just listening to my 200-some Xmas tunes on random play, but I might listen to more by album.

Wednesday, December 2

Sherman, set the Wayback Machine

If you want to take a trip down memory lane, you can just watch everything this guy has, but here a few notable ones:

"Old School" CBS Holiday Special Intro

Isis Intro

Isis transformation


The Super Friends Intro

Challenge of the Super Friends Intro


Well, that's enough for now. Thanks to Kelly for getting me started.