Saturday, December 12

I got yer Christmas music right here

My favorite Xmas collection 4 years running is Sufjan Stevens' 5 disc set. Here are the last 3 years' posts:

+ That was the best Christmas album ever!
+ That was the best Christmas album ever! (again)
+ That was the best Xmas album ever! [now with songs!]

If you're at all like me, you will certainly want to buy these discs. To find out, you can stream the whole thing here: Click on 'Musical Downloads'.

My second favorite Xmas album is 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'. I realized a couple of days ago that I hadn't listened to it yet this season, so I fixed it.

I like some of the stuff on the Aimee Mann, Sarah Maclachlan and Barenaked Ladies Xmas albums...

Another great source for Xmas music (from hipsters):

Then I needed to listen to the early Messiah stuff (OT texts). Did that Thursday night.

You might enjoy the Wartburg Choir's Xmas album: Stille Nacht.

Now I'm just listening to my 200-some Xmas tunes on random play, but I might listen to more by album.


Jim said...

That's quite a collection!

Sean Meade said...

it's something fun i like to work at. add a few songs each year. it's getting harder to find great ones, though...