Tuesday, October 26

Confucius: Something More Important than Voting

Yes, voting is important. But it's not the most important way to influence our life together as a nation. Not even close.

Being even more engaged than voting can be good, too. Political action can be a good thing.

But we have the sneaking suspicion that all politicians on both sides are slimy. And the longer they've been in the game, the slimier they seem (in general).

If you share these impressions, you'll agree with me that politics is not going to fix or save any nation.

The twins are studying Confucius, who emphasized that the way we treat one another in our personal relationships shapes our nation most. Respect and love must begin at home with children respecting parents and parents loving and nurturing their children. (Parents should endeavor to be worthy of their children's respect.)

Unsurprisingly, we could make a very similar argument from the thought of both Jesus and Paul. It's fun to reference someone else for a change, though, yes? :-)

(Of course voting is an anachronistic concept with respect to Confucius. But the priority fits with his overall concept of government.)