Wednesday, March 27

Bill Mallonee is my favorite singer/songwriter in the world. And he's going to be at The Blue Door in OKC saturday night, april 26th. I'm planning on going. I'm planning on Ryan going. Want to meet us, Scott? Anyone else want to come? (Should we get a sitter, Christine?)
I didn't see 'A Beautiful Mind' because I was skeptical about the facticity of it. PBS did a special, focusing on the schizophrenia. Some good facts.

One of my jokes has been 'How could a crazy guy get Jennifer Connelly?' But Alicia Nash was well-regarded and attractive.

Take the Beautiful Mind IQ Test, if you want (under Exercise Your Mind).
Going up: Space Elevator news
Is Palm doomed?

Tuesday, March 26

I know 'Jaquandor' from college. He's got some nice stuff on his weblog, especially sci-fi and music. Check it out.
Lots of good updates on the twinlog, including Ryan getting named my brother. Check it out!
Someone over at the thewebtoday likes me: they linked me in Le Blogeur, which was good for many additional hits. This is the second time. Maybe it's just payback for having them in my sidebar, but maybe I'm good enough...

Monday, March 25

There are things to be said about the Oscars. Jeff, for example, says them well (though, sadly, for the last time). But they are mostly illogical and political. We can decide who the best are despite Oscar's help.
Greg Knauss makes an appearance on today. He's hawking a book of Entirely Other Day writings called Rainy Day Fun and Games for Toddler and Total Bastard. The title alone makes you want to buy. I bought it, of course, and you should, too. (Feel free to open it when it arrives, Christine.)
Eric linked this pretty funny site: The Universal Life Church - Become an ordained minister in just 3 minutes. FREE. Go deeper at all and it's totally fruity.
I think it's the case that, no matter what happens this weekend, the pool will close where it is now. So Forrest takes first place, then Scott, then me. Not bad.

Friday, March 22

Ryan said he saw Vigilantes of Love listed for music on Felicity the other night. Googled it. Turns out, they've been on twice - Season 2 Episode 22 and Episode 4 Episode 11. Someone's got good taste.
Did you see there was a weblogger summer songs mix CD swap? It got MeFi-ed and they ended up with 210 participants. Then MeFi started their own swap.

That's pretty cool. I'm so lo-tek I don't even have a burner yet. I guess I could do it at work (or have Ryan help me).

So here's the suggestion: Let's do a swap for readers of interact, Archipelapogo, and The Goods. One CD (not 5 like MeFi). (Please note the concept of 'Creed Insurance': no Creed. Others to ban?) Comments?
I wish I was a cool Dead Russian Composer, but I just got Borodin (via the Labs).
Scott inspired me to post. I like Duke a lot and was sorry to see them lose. I found, surprisingly, that I still hate Indiana residually from Bobby Knight's days. And their fans are intolerable. I suppose I'm just jealous that Iowa has no national championships of any kind. I'm glad OU won, and Missouri. But my bracket's totally jacked now, since I had Duke getting beat by KU in the final.
I've seen the Ptypes website a lot before, but I never comprehended how huge it is (Brian prompted me to look at it again).

My result:

Temperament Score
Idealist 16
Rationalist 4
Traditionalist 5
Hedonist 5
Your temperament type is Idealist.

No surprise. I've never scored an 'S' in all the times I've taken the Myers-Briggs test. I'm a pure Intuitive. It can be a problem (like with money, for example).

Lots of good idealist weblogs (including Robot Wisdom, Consolation Champs, and assorted A-listers).

As a sub-type, I'm dramatic. Hmm. Look at that URL: histrionic. Ok, I resemble that comment.

I tend toward perfectionism, and conscientiousness, but not obsessive-compulsive disorder. In fact, I'm doing better these days letting some of these things go, like throwing away old lists and documents.

Hyperesthetic? Yes. I sometimes say (jokingly) that I'll lose my mind like Roderick Usher, hearing things other people don't.

I also have strong Traditionalist traits: I value history, I can be depressive. Sound a little schizo? To me, too (but again, not technically).

A little passive-aggressive. A little narcissistic. I'm perceptive and value loyalty.
Sean: Great play by Chris Duhon, the pride of Slidell. 'I'm going to Slidell for to find my joy. You took my joy and I want it back.'
Wil: I didn't take your joy.

Thursday, March 21

Bring it on! virtual keyboard and mousepad. Yahoo!

Wednesday, March 20

Scott linked NPR's 100 Best Character in Fiction Since 1900. Some great ones in there: Atticus Finch, Stephen Daedalus, Holden Caufield, Scout Finch. Makes you want to go read a good book.

Tuesday, March 19

Our friend, Kathy, started a weblog about her son called the Joshlog, like our twinlog.
Wholey mackerel! Steven made the Daypop Top 40. Looks like he's fallen off, now, but good for him.

(By the way, he linked me as an example of a noncelibate religious person the other day and my hits shot up. Thanks, Steve.)
My boy, Ryan, hooked me up with Natalie Merchant tix saturday night (his review). Never mind that I had to preach the next morning. I like her work, but haven't owned any of her solo albums. I enjoyed it all, especially the songs I knew. My Palm notes from the evening (for you, gentle reader):

not one OU hat in the whole room.

blues-type lyrics

'she'll make her way'. people groovin' and happy. in my mind, heaven will be like that. and, for my part, i want to do some playing, learn to play guitar. make people happy.

nice that she's not emaciated, like so many divas.

southern, small town, religious background?

'when the day of judgment comes, they'll have to share their pretty things.'

carnival. let hair down. unbuttoned sweater. people standing spontaneously. not the ones you'd expect. what moved them? some were definitely getting off on Natalie.

very sensual. intentionally. not Brittney, but... body on display. still not much need for imagination (like this picture).

Saturday, March 16

John thinks he is so great. I do, too. His adventures at the video store, watching sheepish pron customers and staring down the clerk.

Friday, March 15

Interact Correspondent Jason Streed (Waterloo, IA) sends in wireframe. Check it out.
Hmm. Daypop is now indexing wish lists. Interesting.
Well, I'm sitting atop my own pool. I was telling Christine last night, it's funny: every year I pick a lot based on who I want to win, especially thinking I haven't followed it closely enough to really know. Then, if I start to do well, I start to think 'Hey, I'm pretty good at this.' Funny

Thursday, March 14

I've been doing too much mousing. I'm trying to take it easy on my right arm today by unplugging my mouse and just tooling with my left hand and the track pad. Slows me down, but that's okay.

Wednesday, March 13

Google is wonderful, but can be exploited.
Jason was right: Orisinal has some beautiful games. I particularly like Swordman.
The world's 10 richest people (via thewebtoday). Reflections:

9 are USAmerican. USAmerican capitalism produces unprecedented amounts of wealth. You knew that.
Wal-Mart has produced more net worth in the top 10 than Microsoft.

That is all.
Steven details an interesting stock market advice scheme.
Okay, here's part of the problem with national interest (you could have figured this out yourself): my national interest sometimes infringes on your national interest. So who has right of way? Refer to Nietzsche: whoever has the will to power.

That's part of what we're looking at in Israel right now. Two (ostensibly) national interests that don't taste great together.

And our unilateral pursuit of our national interest has given everyone precedent to pursue theirs.

See the problem?
What a dream I've had...

I had a long, beautiful dream about being in back in Tanzania last night. I even spoke some Swahili (glad it's in there somewhere). It left me with a sense of longing when I woke up, longing, I think, for things that cannot, and probably should not be. That's how dreams are, sometimes.

Tuesday, March 12

Scary analysis of Bill Gates' plan to take over the world (via Robot Wisdom)
I can't believe Windows XP doesn't have an extended clipboard. Doesn't everyone want it? I've tried a couple of free apps and they were bad for various reasons (including crashing Word). I'm going to try Yankee-Clipper (bad name) from this list. Any other suggestions?

Monday, March 11

I know this has been around a lot on the weblogs, but the McDonalds Employment Simulator has some genuinely funny moments. Well done.
More praise for Google.

Sunday, March 10

It's that time of the year again: March Madness! As a service to my loyal readers and friends, I'm hosting The Tulsa Invitational Pool. It's only for fun. I really haven't been following the game this year. I pick based on 1. who I like 2. who I don't like 3. who I think will win. Not very scientific, aye? Anyway, it'll be fun.
We've watched a lot of movies lately.

I really liked 'Duets'. I didn't know much about it besides 'Huey Lewis playing a karaoke hustler.' What else do you need to know? It was funny, though genuinely off the wall. Gwyneth Paltrow did her usual wonderful acting.

We watched 'Atlantis' and it was actually really good. I liked the plot and Michael J Fox's voicing. The visual style, inspired by Mike Mignola, was very enjoyable. The demolition expert voiced by Don 'Father Guido Sarducci' Novello was absolutely hilarious. Read Jeff's rave review that inspired me to see it.

I hated 'Gosford Park' compared to its press: boring and plotless, good acting, snapshot of a culture.

I really liked 'Artificial Intelligence'. I didn't like it as much as Jeff (who named it his #1 film of the year).

Thursday, March 7

Another reason to use Google. (There guys are good at PR, aren't they?) Later I found out, not surprisingly, that Matt likes them too.
Jean Grey
I'm Jean Grey
What X-Men Character are You?

And, if you don't mind, come back and post your result in the comments.
There is justice. This is a late post, but it's wonderful news that 'O Brother Where Art Thou' won album of the year, soundtrack, and best country collaboration with vocal, and T Bone Burnett won best producer. Totally deserved. It was definitely my favorite album of the year. And now their sales are shooting up. I'm glad for all of them. Score one for good taste being rewarded.

Wednesday, March 6

John and Jennifer both have nice stories about walking around in the world. Jennifer's is more subtle.
Jason asked for suggestions of simple sites and a bunch of people nominated their own. That's funny to me.
I like the Mavs for two reasons:

1. Mark Cuban is willing to spend money (He just brought in a bunch of new players, a serious upgrade). He's a billionaire. Why not try to win?

2. They're fun, like the Rams.

Tuesday, March 5

Review of Attack of the Clones with lots of spoilers. After the latest trailer I said I might not even see the movie. Christine thinks I'm full of baloney. This review makes me think maybe it will be okay. But I doubt it...
Report on The State Departments Human Right's Report. There are some gaps, as you might imagine.
Scott finally shamed me into putting comments back up. I've wanted them, I was just too lazy to do it. So here you go.
In case you haven't looked into it, Hubble update. Let's hope the upgrade works out.

Monday, March 4

Fun read about dad-nomadic-schooled 20-yo prodigy, now professor at MIT (Christine, you should certainly read it.)

Sunday, March 3

Did you see that we've got a Cold War-type shadow government going now?
Tech billionaires a little less wealthy: I'm so happy.
Ok, here's part of the problem with this Axis of Evil/War Against Terrorism thing: anyone else can call stuff terrorism and then attack it mercilessly. Israel is doing that, and their human rights record is bad. I don't trust them to determine what's terrorism and what isn't.

Friday, March 1

Blast! Sean Meade got the domain name before I did!