Wednesday, August 20

Michael Stokes

+ What makes Michael Phelps so good?

+ If you haven't seen it yet, the SI frame by frame Phelps victory by .01 seconds. So awesome!
Michael Phelps was in big trouble in the 100-meter butterfly. He was seventh in the eight-man field after 50 meters.
Look! By frame 3, Cavic already had his head up! That might have lost it for him.

In addition to being an amazing swimmer, Phelps must have some intuition about how to get to the wall fastest!

(via, which also links some of Cavic's nice post race commentary.)

+ Paul, Carol and Mary made it to Philly. I neglected to mention that they drove through Columbia and we got to grab a nice hour at Starbucks. However, we were having such a good time that none of us took a picture :-(


mary said...

Nice title.

It was great to see you on the trip. We'll try to do it again if ever I make the long haul south.

Sean Meade said...

thanks, Mary! ;-)

and i'll make a point of looking you up if i'm ever in Philly!