Sunday, August 3

One hundred pushups [updated]

(Spending the whole weekend at home with no major engagements is really good for my weblogging! ;-)

Ok, I'm going to start the hundred pushups training program tomorrow. I've been thinking I need to do more pushups. In fact, I've been looking for a simple weight bench to do dumbbell flys to work that same muscle group. Will probably still keep the latter aim, but why not give the pushups a try? Besides, I like this kind of training program and had great success with one the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of college.

10 minutes 3 times a week should be easy, right?

I did the initial test yesterday and got 20 without really killing myself. Not too bad considering how much weight I'm carrying (though it ranks between poor and fair on this WaPo test).

Tomorrow: five sets totalling 41 pushups. Pumpitude here I come ;-)

Extremely important update: I decided I needed to take one of the WaPo tests that I'd be better at, so I took the Sit and Reach Flexibility test. 19.5 inches = excellent. Might try again tomorrow night after yoga ;-)


Jim said...

I checked a time saving work out I might try. (I don't do triathlons anymore) This one a short work out, but basically added very brief high intensity sections. I may add something like that to what little I am doing now. Kick in a sprint or two, you know?
Hey, I also read eating slower makes you loose weight...maybe I'll just do that. :-)

Sean Meade said...

if the time-saving workout is any good, let me know (though 'high-intensity' sections sound bad ;-).

so relieved you don't do triathlons any more! ;-)