Saturday, August 23

Kinetic RPG indignation

+ Dan had a post on YouTube kinetic typography. I found this style interesting, but, from what I know of and subscribe to re:design, a little too busy, too precious. (No criticism of Dan.)

I liked the Abbott and Costello, of course, and the Hitler piece was very chilling. But I bet they both could have been even more effective if they were less fussy.

+ Clive Thompson has a point: Weight Watchers Online is sort of like a role-playing game. The more they can make it like an RPG, the more 'fun' it'll be. We shouldn't be far away from integration with WiiFit and the iPod/Nike system, right? (via)

+ The parents of the Chinese gymnasts can be as indignant as they want at suggestions of cheating. I'm indignant that their system of girls, coaches, parents, and government broke the rules.

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