Friday, August 22

Redeem Team is right

Had a chance to watch some Olympic basketball. It is SUCH A RELIEF that the Dream Team is better-representing us these days, both athletically and in terms of sportsmanship. It's fun to watch them play as a team and drub some of these upstarts ;-)

Mike Krzyzewski is obviously doing a great job in the wake of Jerry Colangelo's reset of the whole national team approach. I wonder if it makes Coach K any more interested in an NBA job...

Finally, I really liked Doug Collins' color commentary. Knowledgeable and calm, unlike some dufuses we get.


deichmans said...

Agreed - though USA Today was wayyyyy too fawning of Kobe (whom, IMHO, has had very little to do with their great successes so far). The Onion has a far more accurate portrayal.... :-)

BTW: Were you as disappointed as me in "Chairman Yao"'s disappointing performance when Team USA squared off against China last week? He looked like he was moving in slow motion.

Sean Meade said...

thanks for the comment, Shane!

i only watched yesterday and Kobe looked pretty good to me.

also means i didn't see Yao, unfortunately. but he never moves too fast, does he?

looking forward to watching the gold medal game.