Friday, July 14

Weight loss update

My family and I are doing weigh ins on fridays. My news is good. Here are some excerpts from my email to them:

i started counting 10 days ago at 210. like i said before, i think that number was a little artificially high b/c of a hard weekend ;-) last friday i was down to 206. today: 202.5 so, i've 'lost' 7.5 pounds so far, and 3.5 since last friday! woo hoo! way to go, me!

to further toot my own horn, i've been doing really well. i was sub-1500 calories yesterday, including a whole serving of Teddy Grahams that i got to treat myself with after supper b/c i'd held back so much.

now, don't worry: i don't have any illusions about continuing to lose weight at this rapid pace. i fully expect it to taper off to 1 or maybe 2 pounds a week. but i sure am enjoying it for now. and i really should be able to be down to 190 by Cory's wedding, 10 weeks from now, right? so, while my conservative goal was 11 pounds in 11 weeks, i've already lost 3.5 of that, or 7.5 if you start the two days earlier. so, my more aggressive goal is 190, a total of 20 pounds. if i can lose 2 pounds a week for the next 10 weeks, i'll be at 183! wow! that would be so amazing! it will be amazing when i get there, in 10 weeks or 20.

i feel so empowered by counting calories and making better choices. why, oh why didn't i start this when i first hit 200?! oh well, that's in the past.

We're doing it, people! If your numbers aren't as good, let this be an encouragement to you. I'm not starving myself. I'm not eating rice cakes (though male metabolism is different, proviso, etc, quid pro quo, ad nauseum...). I'm not really exercising (that will need to come later, for good health, but not necessarily weight loss). You, too can lose at least a pound a week!
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