Friday, July 7

Today's healthy eating post

1. First of all, that 210 pounds might have been an anomaly after a hard eating and drinking weekend/holiday. I'm already back down to 206 this morning. Don't worry. I'm not paying too much attention to it. I'm going for steady weight loss and lifestyle change.

2. That said, I guess I really shouldn't call this 'healthy eating', since I'm not really paying much attention to nutritional recommendations. I take a multivitamin every morning, anyway, for whatever good that does. And I get 3 servings of fruit a day (usually OJ, pineapple, and an apple). No problem getting grains in: Special K, bagels, pasta, breads, buns. Vegetables are a problem. I eat a serving of baby carrots everyday, and, after that, it gets pretty sketchy. Really, most properly, I can only say that I'm counting calories. Oh well. That's the task for now. I'll worry more about nutrition down the road.

Here's some good news: I emailed my plan to my family and 6 of them have joined me so far. It especially makes sense since we're all going to be back together for Cory's wedding in 11 weeks. Our minimum goal is to lose one pound a week for the next 11 weeks. Care to join us?

3. Saw a link to nutrition calculators in the Gmail ads in the family calorie counting thread and clicked through. 5' 11" @ 206 pounds today makes my BMI 29. They say the goal is between 20 and 25.

They also have a calorie calculator for men (and women). My weight maintenance number according to that is 3029 calories. Have I really cut my caloric intake by more than half? Toward the end I was hitting the ice cream, soda, chips, and pizza pretty hard. To lose a pound a week, eat 500 calories less than your maintenance weight. 2500 should be easy, right?

4. Much better success yesterday staying under 1500 calories. Half a Hard Lemonade and eggs and ham for supper instead of chicken and rice and sauce and a whole Hard Lemonade made the big difference. Here's hoping for another <1500 day today.

5. One of the great dangers for me in lifestyle change has always been quitting once I've started to make some progress. Once the psychological pressure lets up, I usually ease up and then cave all together. I really don't want to do that this time.

6. Got the 'go ahead' from Christine on buying Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix to help with exercise. This may seem ridiculous to some, but I think it's going to help me. Also found out that you can get the original DDR for PlayStation One, which we also have. So, if we like DDR:MM and want to branch out, we'll probably go back the PS direction. There's even a Disney one (for C and the twins).
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