Saturday, July 8

Catching up omnibus

What, exactly, does omnibus mean, anway?

Time to catch up on all those links I've been saving

+ Matt has a nice revision of the new MasterCard logo to incorporate the One Ring.

+ Curzon has visual evidence for global warming based on the diminution of women's underwear ;-)

+ Mike Davis seems like a decent guy to me. I wish him well at U of Alabama-Birmingham.

+ The Six Most Feared but Least Likely Causes of Death
  • First, what I'm really afraid of is pain, like torture or prolonged disease, not dying. Instant death = no problem.
  • Second, it's funny that we're afraid of things that are so remote - airplace crashes, shark attacks, murder, falling to death, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters - while we embrace the things close to us - tobacco, food, the couch, alcohol, cars, guns, bad sex, and drugs - that normally kill us. Goes back to that chapter in Freakonomics about how we feel safer relative to comparatively dangerous things we can control a little v. statistically normally safe things we can't control at all.
+ Video's not the great, but I sure do love Set adrift on memory bliss , especially the use of that Spandau Ballet sample. I like this kind of early hip hop predecessor of mashups.

+ Ken Jennings' last two trivially alusive titles are awesome! Can you name the reference? (Christine already identified the second on in a previous comment.
+ More good names from The Hype Machine:
  • Future Kings of Spain
  • New Duncan Imperials
  • Cone of Silence
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