Wednesday, July 5

Complete photographic Meadeness

It's not very often we can all be together in one place, but we accomplished it this past long weekend as a surprise for my Dad's coming up 60th birthday and a slightly belated 35th wedding anniversary. Christine put up the pix, which I pass on for your edification ;-)

LOVE that pic of the three boys in their Batman shirts!
Lots of pretty girls wearing pink that day.
Thankfully, this picture is the one game of Settlers that I won.
We did a review of my dad's life by decade with little, representative gifts.
Wil's missing both top front teeth these days.
Aah! I may die of handsomeness!
Bethy had Girl Scout Twilight Pirate Camp last week and continued to dress in her pirate bandana.
Bethy sez 'yes, it's nice to be a beautiful princess' ;-)

(btw, this is my first look at Picasa Web Albums. Looks pretty good...)
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