Thursday, July 27

Voice mail to email

My system for leaving myself quick, usually reminder messages had been to call my own cell phone voice mail and leave a message. But when Cingular changed their voice mail system, calling your own number puts you right into retrieving voice mail. You can leave yourself a message, but you have to navigate the menus and, as I'm often in the car, I didn't want to fool with that.

Yesterday I saw K7 profiled on Lifehacker and thought it might make a good solution to this problem. They email your voicemail to you as a .wav attachment (or your fax as a .tif).

Another good thing about this is my notes to myself come right through my email, on my computer, where I've got my organizational system (such as it is ;-) handy to write them down, schedule, etc.

And, of course, you know me well enough to know this is a free service, right? ;-)

Anywho, if you want to leave me a voice mail (that will come to me as a .wav attachment to an email), fire away: 2zero6-666-492zero (breaking it up a little on the off chance that some telemarketing harvest-bot could pick it up in all numerals).
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