Saturday, July 22

Landis is back!

Based on everyone else writing off Landis after he bonked on Wednesday, I wrote him off, too.

Then he went nuts yesterday. He told his team he was going to attack from the start and they begged him not to. But he came to win. He attacked on the first climb and never stopped and never looked back. He caught the breakaway the GC was content to let go and did all the work. With 22 kilometers to go, Landis was riding by himself at the front of the whole Tour. He finished first for his first Tour stage win (including bonus time).

tdfblog's summary of the Landis coup. Floyd moved himself from 11th to 3rd in one amazing ride.

tdfblog's Stage 17 wrapup.

Landis' doctor wrote up the data from his bike computer (wattage, cadence, 70 BOTTLES OF WATER, etc.).

Floyd was, appropriately, ABC News' Person of the Week. They note that Floyd is waiting for a hip replacement.

Today, Landis ran the third fastest time trial of the day and reclaimed the yellow jersey 59 seconds ahead of the rider in second place.

Unless something goes horribly wrong (which it could on this insane Tour), Floyd Landis, the pride of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, will win the Tour de France tomorrow.
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