Thursday, July 6

Ok, that was depressing...

Man, this 'eating right' thing is always harder than you fear, aye?

I tried to watch what I ate yesterday, recorded it all, made lots of healthy choices, and still came in just under 2000 calories. That's not gonna cut it. The biggest offenders? Supper of a reasonable portion of chicken, white rice, and sauce and a Mike's Hard Lemonade. Guess I'll have to split those (lemonades) with Christine 'til their gone, then not buy anymore, then maybe switch to a small glass of red wine at 26 calores/ounce. Maybe I'll have to cut out alcohol all together if I want to lose weight! Whoa!

The hunger piece is ok so far, but I expect it to bite me any second, especially as I cut back even further.

Two pounds lighter on the scale this morning, but that's just a fluctuation and you're not really supposed to pay attention to the daily results, but rather to the 5-day average.

I am seriously thinking of buying Dance Dance Revolution:Mario Remix for our GameCube tomorrow night to help with some fun exercise. We'd been thinking of getting it anyway. (What do your think, Christine?)

Finally, for this post, my latest cogitation on health to my sister (all stuff you know):

i think that's one reason so many Americans don't do better at health: it seems impossible: eat the right amount of calories with the proper number of servings from the right food groups and exercise 6 days a week while being bombarded with food messages, not to mention scientific studies that prove we don't really know how all of this works, plus fad diets and photos of 'beautiful' 'celebrities' who aren't healthy either and yo-yo up and down and smoke and drink and do drugs but get a personal trainer and a personal chef and surgery and go to the fat farm.
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