Tuesday, July 25

Summer cleaning

+ Top 15 Title Tracks is a great idea for a post.

+ Brad sez:

Brain development isn't really completed until the age of 20 and that alcohol (even moderate use) can seriously damage the long-term growth process during that stage. For the same kinds of reasons that pregnant women shouldn't drink, teens shouldn't drink.

I hadn't put that together before and it's a really good point.

+ Did you hear the one about the snake that was saved by surgery after swallowing a queen-sized electric blanket? I laughed out loud twice while listening to the interview with one of the attending vet-surgeons on NPR.

+ I'm really enjoying Ken Jennings' weblog. On top of being a trivia master, he's also funny, to me, in a geeky sort of way. He's got a weekly quiz that I don't even try to participate in, but I do like to read the answers afterwards.
  • He asked: What do literary characters Charles Darnay, Tom Brown, Jane Bennet, and Fyodor Karamazov have in common? This post, including the fascinating answer, is a must read for Christine, in addition to having some funny answers.
  • Another one: What "unusual distinction" was shared by eight movies: Grand Hotel, My Little Chickadee, The Red Shoes, Shane, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming, Spider-Man, and Good Night and Good Luck? The answer.
  • Hilarious Dear Jeopardy letter which elicited the following correction:
Also, from our July 19 column: we regret the insinuation that Mr. Alex Trebek is a robot, and has been since 2004. Mr. Trebek's robotic frame does still contain some organic parts, many harvested from patriotic Canadian schoolchildren, so this technically makes him a "cyborg," not a "robot." Ken-Jennings.com regrets the error.

+ defective yeti has a couple of funny posts: Why they need a sitter for the Squirrelly instead of... and World of Needlecraft.

Let me do a couple that are a little more serious here at the bottom (Anybody still here? Hello?)

+ Coming Anarchy had a really interesting post on which president did the most to win the Cold War: Truman, Nixon, Reagan, or GHW Bush?

+ And, finally, a link I've been saving up for too long, the title of which sears: The New York Times as Al Qaida's counterintelligence arm.

See ya next time...
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