Thursday, July 20

The heat: Lebanon, SC, and Le Tour

+ If Tom's right about the President's strategy re:Lebanon , then it at least makes sense (even if Tom doesn't think it's going to do much good).

+ Yes, I did work the route truck yesterday on maybe the hottest day of the year here in Columbia. Realistically, I probably spent about 3 hours outside in the heat. It was hot! I think I handled it pretty well - drank plenty, ate a little more than my target 1500 calories, and wound down early last night. Woke up on decent time feeling pretty good this morning.

Mainly, it gives you even more respect for those for work outside in the heat all summer round, 100 degrees or not. And for the welders who work in full clothing in corrugated tin buildings with little breeze for 10$ an hour...

+ Blast! Floyd Landis bonked out of Stage 16 yesterday, falling 8 minutes behind. He's making a charge today, but it's unlikely he can make up that much time...
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