Saturday, July 8

Today's post on calorie counting

(Excerpted from an email to my familial compatriots, in case anyone who's reading this cares to be updated.)

I'm doing ok on calories with Christine and the twins out of town: 2000 yesterday and 1743 today. Took myself out to Chinese one last time, and only ate half of the entree, but that's still a lot of calories!

Something else that really seems to help is not eating a 'prepared' meal. So far I'm doing fine with servings of fruit and carrots. Tonight I had a cheese stick. I wonder if there's a bigger temptation with 'prepared' meals to overdo the ingredients and the portions... Maybe cutting down the number of 'sit down' meals a day is a related way to help. My breakfasts seem to be fine: oj, Special K with milk, bagel with honey, black coffee. My snacks seem to be ok: 5 wheat Ritz and an apple. No additional snacking and keep my lunches and suppers under control and I should be golden. I like things to taste good, but I certainly don't need much variety, do I? ;-)

Yesterday, I posted on my weblog that I wasn't eating that healthily by just counting calories. But that's not altogether true. The other hand holds the fact that a ton of health problems in this country are the result of obesity. Kick that one and you've kicked a good chunk of them.

In other health news, I bought Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix last night to try and help our family get in some fun exercise. It's pretty fun. I've probably played around 3 hours or so. I beat the game on easy today (The actual game-play is lame to me, but Wil will like it). Now I'm going back through the individual dances to get an 'A' grade on 'Normal' difficulty (and reminding myself where Bethy gets her perfectionism ;-)
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