Wednesday, July 5

Lifestyle change

Today begins a sincere attempt to change how I eat. I've tried a few 'diets' with little result. It's past time to make a lifestyle change. That's the smart thing you see people recommending. I've know that for some time but just didn't want to do it. So I'm going to try it. I wish I could say, with Yoda, that I'm choosing 'do' over 'do not' instead of 'try', but I'm not that confident.

I've decided to go with Jeremy Zawodny's geek diet method: track calories and weight in a spreadsheet. I am guardedly hopeful.

Bottom line: I don't want to be as fat as I am or fatter. Though my daughter and son steadfastly insist that I am not 'fat', which I greatly appreciate, I'm pretty sure that means, for them, 'not as fat as what we consider to be fat'.

This is a work in progress. I weighed 210 this morning. I'm 5'11" with small bones (my mom's lies to me when I was 12 that I was big-boned notwithstanding). My perfectly reasonable goal is to lose a pound a week until I get down to at least 170. Still need to figure out what my daily calorie consumption needs to be. Still need a better idea of what my target weight should be. But today is the day to start, after vacation and a holiday.

My entire family was together yesterday at Apple Hill for Dad's 60th birthday. We'll gather there again in 11 weeks for Cory's wedding. I want to be 11 pounds lighter by then. Not to show my family or whatever. Just because it's a good benchmark.

Well wishes and prayers are appreciated. Advice is not.
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