Tuesday, July 4

More World Cup video

Ugh: All European quarter finals. Ugh: Italy. Ugh: France.

Check out video highlights.

But, really: don't you think it's kind of dumb, too, that France and Italy are both 'the Blue/s'? We could have an all-Blue final!

And, since Zinedine Zazou Zidane seems up to some of his old magic, this 9+ minute highlight video of him.
  1. Has anyone ever had a better complement of spin moves? It's not that flashy, but it sure gets the job done. When you spin by the keeper with the ball... That's pretty sweet.
  2. I like how a lot of times he out-dribbles some guy/s and then makes an easy pass.
  3. I think one of the moves I respect the most is the great controlling touch in traffic.
  4. You have to like the good old give and go.
  5. The way the pros can bend the ball - left, right, and down - is crazy. Zidane has some free kicks in this video that are as good as any by Beckham.
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