Thursday, April 27

Wired rant (and SI) and social dance

+ The latest issue of Wired was soooo boring, it made me consider not renewing my only-10$ subscription.

Hello... Worshippers of Marshall McLuhan... Don't you know better than to bore me? Anything but that... Is eMCee Luhan in the house?

Plus, their neo-environmentalist issue was soooo tired. They needed a big, heaping dose of The Skeptical Environmentalist (which our public library does not have so I turned in a request that they buy it).

Which brings up another frustrating thing about Wired: with their postmodern ethos, they can print contradictory cover stories (I suppose many magazines do this). So, they'll have cover stories with Kevin Kelly on The New Economy (network dynamics), the Long Boom That Will Never End and How Hydrogen Will Save The Planet. Then, they'll have Bill Joy Trying To Scare The Stuffing Out of You, Peak Oil, and Al Gore Unnecessary Zoom Planetary Crisis.

Am I becoming a conservative? I hope not ;-) Of course, some of you raving liberals would say I'm already there. And some of you raving conservatives might say 'I hope so' or 'Hmmph! Fat chance', maybe depending on what you had for breakfast.

So, see: I'm obviously a moderate ;-)

+ Couple the boring Wired with the dog days of summer sports, thus weekly dry Sports Illustrateds until august, and we're a little starved for not-too-serious reading material.

+ But, the good news is: my parents are taking square dancing lessons! How awesome is that!?! Mom expressed interest in ballroom dancing, but there isn't as much of that in rural Iowa. But you can get into square dancing in their area most any time. Local dances are held at the implement dealer (Schnoebelen's). They pull the tractors out of the showroom and square up. How awesome is that!

Square dancing is OK. I would really like to take ballroom dance. I took social dance for credit at Wartburg (with my soccer coach). I used to love to dance. But Christine hates it. 1 lover of dancing + 1 hater of dancing = 0.
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