Tuesday, April 4

Montana class battleships

Tom recently flew to Hawaii for a couple of briefs. While there, he did a lot of sightseeing, ncluding the USS Missouri.

Brian had a really interesting comment:

For some interesting reading, search the web for the proposed Montana-class battleships. They were going to be much larger than the Iowa-class ships but not quite as large as Japan's Yamato.

To which I replied:

I've always had a softspot for the Iowa class, born and bred in that fair state :-)  

How interesting, Brian!  

Montana-class battleships Google search  

Montana class battleship Wikipedia entry

Man, I might have to post on this myself!

Sadly, I don't have much to say. It was interesting reading (And I tangented off to lots of other naval warship reading). All I've got, though, to pass onto you is this quote:

Interestingly, the cancellation of this battleship class meant that Montana became the only one of the lower 48 States never to have a large capital ship of any kind actually commissioned in its name.

Y'all Montanans need to do something about that. Maybe we should make an exception for them with one of the two new carriers that are in the works.
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