Saturday, April 29

Nuestro African draft

+ First reaction to President Bush's rejection of 'Nuestro Himno': that's kind of doofy. I know where he's coming from, but I disagree. For my part, I'd embrace a bilingual nation.

Yes the protests still chafe some. At the same time, I think it's true that many Americans do not understand the positivie impact Latino immigrants have in our economy. Will a one day demonstration school them? I doubt it, but, hey, it's a free country.
We'll see on monday. Maybe I'm wrong.

I don't want to see any backlash, so I hope demonstrations and marches are conducted with an obvious respect for America, in the spirit of: "We love this country and play an important role and want to see ways made for us to move toward legal citizenship".

+ What should you not get for the person who has almost nothing? Windows XP cheaper-in-Africa Starter Edition!

+ And, finally, from our Least Significant Desk, the NFL Draft is today. The Texans have already thrown a curve by picking Mario Williams. You can bet your bottom dollar there's a lot of scrambling going on right now, trying to figure out how the projected order might rejigger, who else might be available. And those early pickers, especially, have to decide what to do with someone like Bush available. Can the number 2 picking Saints really pass on Bush, especially when they just signed Brees?

Wonder if we'll see more movement up and down to try to compensate: 'We thought we were getting a D Back, and that's what we need, so give us a second round draft pick and we'll leave Player X on the table for you...'
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