Wednesday, April 26

I was off fire...

... now I'm on fire again (at least in terms of quantity. You have to be the judge on quality ;-). But I don't know why.

('I'm Robin Leach! I'm yelling! And I don't know why!)

+ I know I don't normally quote this person any more, or link him on my blogroll. But I do still read him, and this one's too good not to copy (the whole thing):

This is going to sound like an Onion article but isn't. David Copperfield got held up at gunpoint after a show last weekend and when the robbers asked him for his valuables, "he pulled out all of his pockets for Riley to see he had nothing, even though he had a cellphone, passport and wallet stuffed in them". Copperfield's got a gun pointed at his head and he's doing an impromptu magic show for the theives! What's better than that? Nothing. (via the superficial)  #

+ Really interesting (but old) post by an Amazon recruiter on why Google's so good at getting the top talent. Nicely honest about how Amazon's running at least a distant second.

Google has established that the smartest people work there. If you want to work with the smartest people...

And the amazing perq(uisite)s add up.

+ On the other hand, here's a post about interviewing at Google, getting an offer, but turning it down.

+ Comparing the two accounts, I wonder if Google has changed some, a little overrun by their own success...

Not that I wouldn't still work there! I would!

Oh Mighty Google,

I know you're reading
(and, moreover, algorithm-ing) this. Please pick me, though I have not applied (recently) for any of your jobs! I am your biggest fan.

Very respectfully,


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