Wednesday, April 19

I love Google, yes I do...

+ The IC tornadoes wiped out Happy Joe's. Blast. We liked that place.

1st 911 call
2nd 911 call (I bet that was one worried dad)

I don't think there were any fatalities..

(Interesting Gmail note: After saving this as a draft and coming back to it, I get all 'pizza' sponsored links. Google figured out Happy Joe's was a pizza place by itself. Amazing! ;-)

+ Jonathan has a pretty extensive review of Google Calendar, if you'd like to read more about it.

Christine and I are still enjoying it. And I really like our color choices of pink and green. They contrast nicely with each other and the background light blue.

+ Now, if I could just get my invite to Writely, I'd be totally satisfied with Google's free services ;-)

If you have an invite, please do send me one!
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