Tuesday, April 4

Cubs, Congress (and basketball)

+ I wrote this yesterday but didn't get it posted:

What if they gave a national championship game... and nobody cared? I don't like Florida. UCLA has won enough. And the day after 'spring forward', I most certainly will not be staying up to watch that game. I'll probably be asleep before the second half!

And could all y'all basketball commentators please stop saying 'long'? Definitely the over-used adjective from this year's tournament...

+ Remember when I predicted DeLay's demise? It's over.

(I thought about lampooning 'Out long national nightmare is over', but decided that would be over the top. After all, this is a weblog ;-)

(This item in no way constitutes an 'I told you so' to Paul, who recommended we wait and see, due process, and all that stuff ;-). Paul's was the better attitude to take.)

+ The Cubs are in first place in the NL Central! ;-)

+ Obama didn't get the memo from Tom that oil independence is not the way to go. Wonder where Tom stands on Obama? Since we both lean Democrat, Obama's about the best we've got, right. Wonder if Tom could brief him sometime or if Obama has read any of Tom's work...
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