Thursday, April 13

I'm in love!

Google Calendar is here! I had an agonizing time getting on. I worried. I thought 'Who loves Google more than me?! Maybe their servers are getting pounded.

Now that I'm in... there's not much to do. I could start entering stuff, but I've already got most of it in Palm Desktop (you know, birthdays and that type-thing). My plan is to wait and import them as CSV. But I might not be able to wait...

Of course, it's hard to tell if it works well or not yet. It looks good, a lot like Gmail. And, since I basically live and work out of Gmail, if it's tightly integrated, like it's supposed to be, it should be great. Christine and I, especially, are planning on scheduling together between Gmail accounts and Calendar.

I had no idea we were so close to getting Calendar. Hooray!
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