Friday, April 14

More mashups (All Aliteration Day)

Since I converted Macon to at least one mashup, I'm going to press my luck (no whammies, no whammies), and try to promote a few more. I'll start with a few I posted more than a year ago.

These are not my top mashups, but the low-hanging fruit (in terms of stuff I've already linked that's still online). If I get more positive feedback, I might do more work ;-)

Pick one (and only one) to try. Don't be overwhelmed, fair reader! I want you to try at least one way more than I want you to listen to all four! Then, if you like it, or want to try more, you can.
(You know that you can stream these or download them, right?)

1. The Beatles 'Taxman' vs the Cure 'Lovesong' = Lovetax . (Sounds like it should be a mashup of 'Lovecats', but isn't)

I especially like this song for this time of year . The Lovesong instrumentation adds nice foreboding to Taxman.

[Disclosure: I have not, to my knowledge, ever heard the Beatles' version, unadulterated. A crazy effect of pop culture, when your first exposure is the mashed-up version...]

DJ Prince - Hey We Will Rock Ya (DeNeo Edit) : Outkast - Hey Ya (Instrumental) vs Queen - We Will Rock You (Acapella)

Body MMMBoppin': Hanson vs the Beastie Boys

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