Saturday, April 29

Draft day analysis

Hooray! The Vikings got Chad Greenway (OLB-Iowa)! Now he better be good! ;-) What's your opinion, Chris?

I'm surprised the Titans, with the third pick and Norm Chow on their staff didn't pick his old student Matt Leinart. Wanna weigh in on this, Desiree?

I will say it's obvious that the Titans went for a younger version of Steve McNair.

Instead, Leinart fell to 10th, Arizona, and Denny Green, who cannot resist drafting offense.

Though ESPN's Len Pasquarelli went nuts in his criticism of the Texans, the wisdom of their pick, of course, remains to be seen.

Buffalo took Safety Donte Whitner. Whatcha say about that, Jaq?

I'm sure Tom will be happy about the Packers picking OSU linebacker AJ Hawk.

And the Patriots picked Minnesota running back Laurence Maroney.

Anyone else want to weigh in?
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