Sunday, April 2

April Fools Day Edition

+ I did not know until this morning that April Fools Day could also be called National Holiday for First Graders. Bethy started working on her project last night (rocks on our dining room chairs). Unrelatedly, Wil woke up before 6 and would not go back to sleep. So he and I got up at 630. Then Bethy got up. I think she was too excited to sleep any more. So Christine had to get up to get 'fooled', she who stayed up late scrapbooking.

I did put one of my favorite April Fools on Wil before I got up: Did you know it snowed last night? He wasn't aware it was April Fools Day yet. Ha! Gotcha!

But the joke's on them: there will be mandatory naps this afternoon.

+ I hadn't been up long when I started wondering what Google's April Fools Day project would be. I was a little worried I wouldn't see it. Thankfully they announced it on their weblog. I loved it. I laughed out loud. Thanks, Google!

+ Don't remember having seen the 2000 bit.

+ Lifehacker's contribution is zombie-related. I like.

+ I wish I'd come up with some funny April Fools Day idea to post on my weblog, but I didn't. Maybe next year.
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