Friday, April 14

Destroy the Dairy Queen, driving away from the tornado, Defend America (and other items that don't start with 'd')

+ Iowa City got nailed by tornadoes last night! My sister (sort of) drove home at that time, but she's fine. In fact, I think there was only one fatality.

Without any disrespect to the deceased or bereaved, the destruction of that Dairy Queen is an improvement. Wish they had that on YouTube!

+ Possible origin of the phrase Great Scott, which I like quite well: General Winfield Scott . He looks pretty great (read:chillin) in that picture, that's for sure!

+ Dan is doing a fun series with taglines like: Defend America. Annex Mexico. I like.

+ I'm in love, again.

First it was Google Calendar. Christine and I got our calendars inputted (word?) and we're live, baby. She's pink. I'm green.

Now Bloglines has a shortcut for 'collapse/expand' left pane. I think I'll be reading more in the fullscreen view, without my mouse, just from the keyboard. Hooray!

The only thing is, it's not as easy to choose my order that way. Might have to retitle my subs ('a-Kith and Kin' or '1-Tom Barnett') to get the proper order.
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