Saturday, April 1

More on immigration (and the NIT)

+ Congratulations to the Gamecocks. They won the NIT again. Cock a doodle doo! :-)

+ Interesting question: Should the children of illegal immigrants be US citizens?

+ More of my thoughts on immigration, these commented over at Kith & Kin :

i'm looking for a way to make the law consonant with the economic realities. much as i hate to say it, i don't think it'd be good for our economy for McJobs to pay 10$/hour. wage-deflation is real, but what we really need is to get Americans trained to do the next-tier, better-paying jobs. otherwise we've got the Europe problem which nobody wants, right?

also, i want this to be a welcoming country to immigrants without having those who are here doing 3D labor (dangerous, dirty, difficult, a la Barnett) be 'illegal'.

at the same time, we probably can't just have open borders, right?
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