Wednesday, April 26

The farm team, the draft, and proxy-handwriting

+ Iowa's like the farm-team for the stinkin' Big Time. Not that I'm real attached to him, but now the AD's leaving for Stanford . Will WE ever be the Big Time?

(Get it? Iowa. Farm team. I crack myself up.)

+ Here's hoping the Vikings don't move up to draft a quarterback. As I've said before, I think it's a crap shoot. Plenty of great quarterbacks got drafted lower and developed (eg, Tom Brady), or found in free agency, or something. Take the best player available, with one eye toward linebacker (especially Iowa's Chad Greenway).

+ Today's sign that the apocalypse is upon is: Scratch n Scribble

Choose, write, and post a real card (we're not talking e-cards!) to someone in minutes. A real person will handwrite your card (or print it if you like), stamp it, and post it off for the next day or any date you choose.

Scratch n Scribble: When you care enough to have someone else write it for you.
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