Monday, October 24

Weekend football report

Wow, that was some second half for the Vikings. I didn't come in 'til the Packers' last FG. What'd the Vikes have, 28 seconds left? Two perfect plays to get some yards, then a 56 yard FG. Wow. They needed that. Still haven't decided if I'm wearing my Vikings shirt this sunday to the game or not. Advice?

The Vikings win took the sting out of another Iowa loss and another fantasy football loss. Thye Hawks tried and got close, but they're just not very good this year. Not a great football weekend.

In other NFL news, the Broncos looked like the class of the West for all of that game that I watched, but the Giants hung around and came back and won. The Bengals outplayes the Steelers in the first 3 series but only got 3 points and then Pittsburgh took control. Washington's looking pretty good and SF looks terrible. Both of the early games (those last two) blew out and got switched over to competitive games. Indianapolis now has defense to match their offense and has to be the favortie right now to win the Super Bowl. Buffalo couldn't beat lowly Oakland, effectively ending the Holcomb era. San Diego outplayed Philadelphia all game long, but couldn't put them away and made a couple of bad mistakes. They're easily the best 3-4 team in the NFL. Heck, there's no doubt in my mind they're better than some of the 4-2 teams, but 'that's why they play the games'.

Looking at the conference standings, the Bengals are doing well but don't quite have that 'we can win the close/important ones' mentality/character. I wouldn't rank them above Denver or Pittsburgh right now, despite their record. My AFC rankings:
  1. Indy
  2. Denver
  3. Pittsburgh
  4. Cinci
  5. SD
  6. NE
  7. tie: KC/Jax
Comments (especially Jaq)?

As for the NFC, obviously much weaker. I think any of those top 6 AFC teams could probably beat any NFC team (except, maybe, Washington). My NFC rankings:
  1. Washington (partly on the strength of their defense)
  2. Seattle
  3. TB (mostly on the strength of their defense, but downgraded for the loss of Griese)
  4. NYG
  5. Atlanta
  6. Carolina
  7. Philly (can't run)
  8. Chicago (honorable mention from the stinky NFC-North for great D)
Let's combine 'em for kicks and see what happens. NFL rankings:
  1. Indy
  2. Denver
  3. Pittsburgh
  4. Washington
  5. Cinci
  6. SD
  7. NE
  8. Seattle
  9. TB
  10. NYG
After that, it gets even murkier (ie to say: that part was plenty murky). What do you think?
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