Thursday, October 6


+ I said it before, I'll say it again: I LOVE this cooler weather! :-)

+ A really interesting new development with my doing GTD is that I'm simultaneously more assertive and less defensive. I don't know exactly why. Do I feel enough self-justified, productivity-wise, that it takes the sting out of questions/criticisms and I feel free to ask other people to do what they said they would do. If you know why this is, feel free to put it in the comments.

Yes, it is true: I have accepted David Allen into my heart ;-)

+ Speaking of things I love: the new Auto-Save in Gmail, which I compose these posts in.

+ One problem with being South Korea, the most wired nation on Earth (especially in terms of broadband), is that you have more video game addicts.

+ Low key change in Google local and maps: Now it's starting me on the same screen in both, centered on my work zip code (which was the default for local searched here on my work computer). Gone are the separate links for 'Google maps' and 'local search'. This change apparently concurs with Local's emergence from Beta. Google Press release (which feed I'm going to subscribe to, btw).

+ Matt links Maggie who links the Bacon of the Month Club. Wow.

+ Holey mackerel! Peter Jackson's signed on the work on the Halo movie. (via DJMonsterMo).He's certainly got a solid background in scary and epic. I hope this is good...

+ I said it yesterday: I'm fine with Harriet Miers. I still think Matthew's note on the President's assessment of her qualifications is funny.

+ kottke has, today, the first reference I've seen to the web 2.0 bubble. Remember, one of the things that will drive this is a lot of retirement money, typically in funds, looking for high returns. There's still a glut of venture capital and not that many good ideas. Still, let's get our business plan together and cash in! ;-)

+ Lifehacker has this thing with duct tape: a while ago they suggested using it for a band-aid. Then they suggested putting a duct tape tail on your remote so it can't get lost (some funny comments in this thread), now they link duct tape bandages.

+ BillH posts The world's shortest and best fairy tale. While I am sometimes tempted to think about what I could buy with my few pesos if I wasn't supporting a family, there's so much more to life that it's worth mentioning (it's no dig on Bill, because I know he's just being funny and will agree with me): the personal growth required when you have children, all the joy the children bring, the combined mission and decision-making of having a family (awfully lonely otherwise), the emotional intimacy of marriage and something else that goes with it ;-). Marriage and parenthood can be incomparable prompts to personal growth. And I'm sermonzing about it because I've fought it too often in the last 5 years.

+ Am I not on fire with this weblog stuff? And still Getting Things Done! ;-)
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