Monday, October 17

Saturday and sunday (posted monday)

+ More about Star Wars: Clone Wars vol 1:
  • Wil knew Mace Windu solely be the color of his light saber.
  • At the end of the Mace Windu episode, I hear echoes of 'Hey Mean Joe, want my Coke?'
  • If nothing else, it's another chance to hear John Williams' excellents music.
  • When we were lying in bed friday night, Wil started talking about 'Obi Two Kenobi' who's related to 'Obi One Kenobi'. How cute is that? :-)
+ Possible Apple plan for iPod video

+ Hollywood Calls for Cut of Video IPod Pie. Begun, the iPod war has.

+ With Iowa's win yesterday and Wisconsin's loss last week to Northwestern, do we dare upgrade our hopes? I wrote recently about hoping for a 7-3 record, but can we now hope we could  actually beat Wisconsin at Camp Randall, Northwestern in Evanston, and Michigan and Minnesota at home?It's a stretch, I know. Heck, if Wisconsin can lose in Evanston we could, too. But we've been especially good at the end of the season under Ferentz, so here's hoping...
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