Friday, October 7

International Talk Like a Trucker Day (and more)

+ 10/4 (good buddy). I thought of this three days ago: Since we have International Talk Like a Pirate Day, how much more appropriate to have International Talk Like a Trucker Day be on October 4th? Or, for those of you who use a more international system, April 10th? Or, how about both! ;-)

+ I had a brainstorm today: Since only the first part of my posts are syndicated over at Covenant Blogs, if I want to garner readers therefrom I need to think more about my lead stories! ;-)

+ Flash Drives Make Any Computer 'Personal'
. A few small tweaks in how PCs/'dumb' terminals/thin clients interact with flash drives and you could have your settings, data, and programs with you and use the nearest terminal for input (keyboard), the screen, output, processing, and networking. But all of the data is yours. I'll be very surprised if this doesn't become a stronger option.

One way to do it might be to have some kind of 'thumb desktop', a little program on the flash drive that runs as the front end for your data helps it interface more easily and robustly with the 'foreign' terminal.

Oh, wait. Hadn't gotten all the way through the article. That's what Migo is. What a good idea! ;-) Except it's way too expensive. Can y'all at sourceforge get to work on this?

U3's doing a similar thing, building that functionality on the USB drive. Verbatim's 1GB Store N Go, for example, costs 65$. Heck buy the whole thing instead of the Migo software!

+ House Passes Bill to Boost Refineries. This is probably a good thing if you're willing to burn gas. Refinery capacity is our biggest bottleneck that's driving up the price. If you think we need a more 'enlightened' energy policy instead of more refineries, you probably won't be happy (heck, there are lots of reasons to be found for not being happy, with this or any other legislation ;-)

+ Okafor Turns to Yoga, 'the Dream' to Improve for Second Season. I really like Omeka Okafor. How can you not (aside from being jaded or cynical)? He's a very solid guy, got picked first, and led all rookie last year, though many thought he wasn't the most talented guy in the draft. He's been working hard in the offseason, too. He put on 15 pounds of muscle. I'll be watching him from afar.
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