Wednesday, October 5


+ HOW-TO: Set up keyless entry to your house via your cellphone . That would be seriously cool...buuuut, it's too expensive and too involved. Maybe right for someone like Paul, though ;-)

+ I've been thinking I'm fine with both Roberts and Miers and Tom says the same thing .

+ Tom talks Turkey some more (sorry, couldn't resist ;-): Austria backs off on Turkey, ETA 2015, Tom predicts by 2010 with a Med-ringing Free Trade Zone moving toward Union by 2025.

+ I'd like your comments on this one: Cheney and Tom say our week responses to 7 preceding terrorist attacks got us 9/11. What do you think?

+ Tom mentions my name again yesterday (regarding proof-reading), which I always love. And I don't think I've mentioned yet that my name made it into the acknowledgements of his latest book (though it wasn't in the advance copy). That's pretty cool: acknowledged by a NYT bestselling author for my (albeit small) contribution. Now we just need this one to 'bestsell', too. Tom's at Belmont Abbey tonight, about tow hours up the road. Closest he's been in a long time and I wish I could go, but I just can't pull it off.
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