Tuesday, October 11


+ Matthew's son, the famous Squirrelly, has been diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder. Matthew has a touching post about it. You'll miss out if you don't read all the way to the end. Best wishes, Baldwins.

+ Someone posted Pixar shorts to del.icio.us. Good on them! Do yourself a favor and watch Boundin' and Jack-Jack Attack if you haven't already seen them. And if you're lucky, someday soon, you'll get to see Wil do the 'flashcard' section of Jack-Jack Attack live.

+ Cool quote from kottke:

FedEx keeps 5 empty planes flying over the US each night to help fill in surprise delivery gaps as needed.

+ *brain struggles* Can't. Decide. If Google. Reader. Is. Better. Than. Bloglines...

+ Blogger now has backlinks powered by Google's blog search. And now I've got the code. Now that anyone links here... ;-)
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