Tuesday, October 25

Those dratted spamblogs (and more)

+ There's been a lot of pounding on Google/Blogger/BlogSpot lately for spamblogs. I found myself linked twice on Anabolic Steroid Use [1 2]. Here's one for GIS Post Card printing. And another one from Great Information Source, this one for air filters. Ugh. Guess there's no way of really preventing this.

+ I turned on 'only show updated blogs' in Bloglines and boy do I like it! Helps things seem more manageable. Even more incentive to get that number down to zero.

'Bloglines: It's like an Inbox for your weblog!' ;-)

+ Two other Columbia residents with whom I have some other things in common, have launched a Columbia-area-young-people website called Colaspot. Godspeed, fellas. I hope you make a lot of money and sell to Gawker ;-)

+ Under 'probably only interesting to me' the Clear Creek Watershed Enhancement Board got $420,000 in state grants
. Clear Creek flows about a mile south of the farm (across the interstate) and was the name of the school district I attended between 1st and 6th grades.

It's hard to see in Google Maps, and Clear Creek itself is not labeled, but I can describe it for you: In this hybrid satellite/map of Tiffin , Clear Creek runs in the trees just south of the railroad track (looks like a road) that's just south of Highway 6. Clear Creek flows under Ireland Avenue right where the latter is labeled in this view. Then Clear Creek flows east into Coralville (where they're building some nice trails along it), staying south of Highway 6 until about 4th Avenue (you can really see it easily in this map because it was taken during the winter) then flowing under 1st Avenue and into the Iowa River.

Wow, that was a tangent. But that's what weblogs are for, right?

+ Time to kick this one out of the nest...
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