Sunday, October 2

Everyday is like sunday

+ Amazing Katrina photoset (that won't disappear like the last one) (via A Whole Lotta Nothing). As you click through you get more of a sense of the personal devastation facing the people fo New Orleans. These folks seem to be upbeat about it, which is great. What a mess.

+ Thought while on Yahoo-owned Flickr: Interesting that they've got Google ads...

+ Speaking of Morissey, wanted to listen to the song 'The Queen is Dead' this morning, so I did. Then I kept listening through the album. Some great songs.

+ Wow, the Vikings stunk again. And I actually watched some of this one. But not the second half. I'd had enough. It wasn't a total waste. I folded some clothes, etc. In other football news, the Patriots looked pretty average against a very strong San Diego team. The Eagles take one with steady effort. With the Giants and Redskins undefeated and the Cowboys OK it suddenly looks like the 80s glory days of the NFC East. The North and West all pretty much stink, leaving Atlanta and TB. In the AFC you've got the Pats (still, I think), Broncos, Chargers, Bengals, Steelers, and Colts.

That's all I got tonight.
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